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Company Law Compliance is now being strictly enforced by the CRO and ODCE. Compliance provisions are being continually added to and strengthened. Auditors are now obliged to formally report breaches of the Companies Acts to the ODCE.

Four Courts

Significant late filing penalties and the risk of strike off apply to the failure to file timely annual returns. Restriction and disqualification proceedings are being regularly taken against company directors for serious breaches of the Companies Acts.

McCann & Associates can assist you, as Company Directors, in making you aware of your obligations. In particular, directors should note the rule that accounts must be 'signed, sealed and delivered' within 9 months of the period end in order to satisfy the AGM requirement & promptly meet the statutory Annual Return Date (‘ARD’).

We utilise a specialised Company Secretarial Software Programme to help ensure that the:

  •   ARD is not missed & the Annual Return is filed on time
  •   AGM and other company meetings are properly convened and minuted
  •   7 Statutory Registers and Minute Books are maintained in accordance   with the Companies Acts

We also offer a full range of additional company secretarial services such as:

  •   Company Formations – within 3-5 working days, including Tax   Registration
  •   Filing of ‘6-Month Annual Return’
  •   Company Searches – search results sent by e-mail on receipt
  •   Advice on the ‘Audit Exemption’
  •   Business Name Applications
  •   Share Issues, Transfers and Share Reorganisations
  •   Company Name Changes
  •   Voluntary Company Strike Off Applications
  •   Changes to Memorandum & Articles of Association as required

Distance is no problem and we can provide an efficient nationwide service.

For further information on the above or for advice on any area of company secretarial compliance please do not hesitate contact us.

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