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Bridge Over River Liffey
Bridge Over River Liffey
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We aim to work with rather than for clients and endeavour to help them grow their business. We strive to develop long-term relationships with clients and to assist in all stages of their business development.

Bridge Over River Liffey

To this end, we can assist with:

  •   Business Plans
  •   Tax Planning
  •   I.T. Advice and Support
  •   Staff Recruitment and Training
  •   Financing Advice
  •   Bank Negotiations
  •   Financial Restructuring
  •   Cash Flow Management
  •   Preparation of Budgets and Projections
  •   Profit Improvement and Cost Reduction
  •   Margin Analysis
  •   Due Diligence

We adopt a realistic, proactive approach to ensure that the business potential is maximised in the long-term.

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